Factory Humidity Control Overhead Stainless Steel System

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humiditycontrol.jpgThere are many various needs for humidity control in manufacturing and storage facilities. Big Fogg can custom design, engineer, build and install a high-pressure misting system for every application. These include in open space, for multiple room humification or in-duct misting. A customized misting system is designed, manufactured and installed to meet the specific criteria of the application.

Our high-pressure system delivers extremely small water droplets that evaporate almost immediately. This Big Fogg standard design for a humidity control misting system uniformly spaces the nozzles attached to the stainless steel lines, assuring an even compressive distribution of the misting.

Big Fogg Humidity Control Misting Systems come with humidity sensors and zone control that continuously monitor the humidity in the plant. For example if the required humidity level is between 55% and 57% in a specific area of the plant, the high-pressure misting system will automatically turn on when the humidly level falls to 54% and automatically turn off when the humidity level reaches 58%.

Big Fogg Humidity Control Systems consist of the highest grade of stainless steel and are supplied with stainless steel fittings and humidity control sensors in each area of the factory or facility. If humidity control is an issue for you, please call Big Fogg at 888-853-1728 and see how we can help you. There is no charge for a quotation.