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Cool Down at Your Favorite Restaurant

We’ve all enjoyed those trendy outdoor restaurants and cafes with misting systems to keep us cool during hot days while we dine, or enjoy cocktails. You can have a misting system for your home — for your patio, or by the swimming pool, or even by entry-ways. Big Fogg Misting Systems and Misting Fans is the company you want to call to have a misting system installed at your home or at your business. Big Fogg also rents portable and temporary misting systems for parties and events, and they have tents with misting systems for parties and special events.ada.

Humidity Control Misting System

In many industrial worksites, such as paper mills, wood manufactures, textile factories and barrel storage, it is essential to control the amount of humidity in the facility. High-Pressure Misting Systems have proved to be very effective in performing this function. For example, a high-pressure stainless steel misting system can be installed throughout a plant and triggered to turn on when the humidity falls to a certain level.