Smart-Fog Air Conditioning Pre-Coolers

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Designed for portability and convenience, Schaefer Portable Air Conditioners roll easily from the shop floor to indoor office areas and set up in minutes. The Schaefer air-cooled portable air conditioner line consists of six models, from 12,000-77,500 BTU/hr. (1-6 tons).

•Cools Quietly. Cools quietly at office-acceptable sound levels without significant addition to background noise. Ideal for supplemental or temporary cooling in equipment rooms, plant floors or field offices. Featuring backward-inclined plenum evaporator and condenser fans, it operates at the lowest decibel level for portable air conditioners.

•Cools Effectively. Delivers full performance at a wide range of ambient temperature and humidity levels. A thermostatic-expansion valve (not found in other portable air conditioners) automatically adjusts to the environment, allowing the units to operate under more extreme conditions at lower cost and with less freeze-up.

•Cools Efficiently. Schaefer’s portable air conditioners cost less to operate because they draw the least amount of power on a per-ton of cooling basis compared to other portable air conditioners. Just plug in and cool – no special electrical requirements are needed. Most Schaefer portable air conditioner models are single phase (460V 3-phase option on the PAC-TZ60AB460).

Built Tough for Rental and Industrial Applications. Durable, rugged design. Minimum maintenance required. Extremely long component life.